Deadline for receipt of papers: March 31, 2018 Thematic areas At   the   XIII   International   Rice   Conference   for   Latin   America   and   the   Caribbean   we   will   have   a   poster   exhibition   session,   in   any   of   the   following thematic areas: Genetic improvement Pests (viruses, insects, diseases, weeds, pathogens) Climate change Genetic diversity Potential for yield (hybrids, varieties, Crispr) Agronomy Technology transferCrop rotation Sustainable management of water, soil and biodiversity Carbon footprint Chemical load mitigation Rice quality Safety and traceability Postharvest World rice market trend Economy Fair Trade Gender Guild Leadership Work force Environmental certification in rice production Science communication Rules for the presentation of the summary The   Scientific   Committee   will   be   responsible   for   making   the   selection   of   the   works   that   will   be   exposed   in   the   poster   session.   To   postulate   your summary you must take into account the following considerations: Up to 2 jobs will be accepted per author. Choose one of the thematic areas of the Conference. Before submitting the abstract, the author must register on the conference website. Once accepted, you must pay the registration. The deadline for submitting abstracts, through the Conference website, is March 31, 2018. Abstracts can be written in Spanish, English or Portuguese. Only summaries sent by the system enabled through the web page will be accepted. The   abstract   must   be   submitted   in   Word   format,   with   a   page   layout   of   A4   size   (21.0   cm   x   27.9   cm),   top   and   bottom   margin   of   2.5   cm;   left and right margin of 3 cm. The font must be Arial, size 11, with line spacing 1.5. The title should be centered, in capital letters, size 12 and in bold. The   name   (s)   of   the   author   (s)   must   appear   immediately   after   the   title,   aligned   to   the   left,   leaving   a   single   space,   in   Arial   font   size   10   and separated   by   commas.   The   presenter   of   the   work   will   be   part   of   the   list   of   authors   and   his   name   must   be   underlined.   The   surname   will   be written in full and the first name (s) will be abbreviated. The   data   referring   to   the   authors   will   be   written   in   footnotes,   in   Arial   8   font,   in   Arabic   numerals,   in   increasing   order.   The   information   of charge, address and email only of the first author, for the others only the institution. The maximum length of the summary is 300 words, not including the title, the name (s) of the author (s) and keywords. The   summary   should   be   written   in   continuous   text   and   refer   to   an   original   work   and   include   clearly   and   objectively,   its   introduction, justification, objectives, materials and methods, results, discussion and conclusions. The keywords (maximum three) should be written just below the authors (with a single space), font Arial 11 and aligned to the left. Abstracts   submitted   will   be   evaluated   by   the   Scientific   Committee,   which   will   issue   on   adjustments   or   comments   or   their   approval   or rejection. The   approved   abstracts   will   be   presented   in   poster   format,   size:   0.80   cm   in   width   and   120   cm   in   height.   The   printing   of   the   poster   is   the responsibility of the presenter and must be brought to the Conference and presented to the Secretariat of the same for its placement. The summary that does not conform to the established norms will be excluded from the Conference and the notified author.
Rules for submitting papers:
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