Taxi services available round the clock, to and from the airport and elsewhere, including new cars, call centers and web page reservations.  Payment in cash. As for transfer from airport and hotels, please check when booking your hotel as most hotels offer shuttle vans from the airport included in their cost but we need to know time of your arrival an flight. Peruvian cuisine is recognized for its excellence and variety. Some dishes can be spicy. Each region has its culinary style. The   safety   precautions   to   be   taken   in   Peru   are   the   same   as   at   any   other   tourist   destination   in   the   world;   do   not   leave   your   belongings unattended   in   public   places   and   avoid   desolate   places   at   night.   Keep   valuables   at   the   hotel   safety   boxes   and   do   not   carry   valuable   jewelry   on sight. Be aware as everywhere in the world in populated areas pick pocketers are experts. The   Sol   (S/)   (soles   in   plural)   is   the   national   currency.   As   at   October   2017   1   US$   equals   3   soles   (3s/)   The   US   dollar   (USD)   is   accepted   in   some shops, restaurants and gas stations at the going exchange rate. Euros, dollars and other foreign currencies can be changed at official money exchange houses, hotels and banks. It is not recommended to change money with street Automatic   Teller   Machines   (ATM)   widely   available   in   major   cities   shopping   malls   and   touristic   places.   American   Express,   Visa,   Diners   and MasterCard are widely accepted but not checks. Ask before consuming at restaurants if credit cards are available. They are in the main cities of the country and accept different types of cards. The most accepted are American Express, Visa, Diners and Mastercard. Summer   lasts   the   year   round   in   Piura;   reason   for   which   hats,   sunglasses   and   lightweight   clothing   are   always   in   fashion.   Sunscreen   and   insect repellent should also be part of your gear. Climate in Piura is tropical, hot and humid in May, around 25 – 30 Celsius.
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104   languages   are   recognized   in   Peru:   92   are   living   languages   and   12   have   no   known partners.   Although   Castilian   is   spoken   by   the   majority   of   the   population,   Quechua   and Aymara   are   also   spoken   in   the   Andean   region,   14   linguistic   families   are   the   heritage   of 42 ethnic groups in the Amazon region. It is possible to speak in English with people related to tourist services.
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