The   Incas   forged   an   incredible   civilization   wich   tamed   the   geography   of   Peru.   This ancient   society   lived   in   harmony   with   the   rivers,   the   sun,   the   rain,   the   ocean,   the jungle,   the   Peruvian   mountains   and   the   cold   dryness   of   the   Andes,   consequently adapting   to   the   weather,   their   surroundings   and   surviving   thanks   to   Mother   Earth’s gifts. Part   of   this   ancient   society   still   lives   today   in   each   town   and   can   be   seen   through   the customs   of   the   people.   A   trip   to   Peru   takes   you   back   in   time   and   allows   you   to rediscover   the   exciting   lives   of   the   Incas,   Chancas,   Chachapoyas,   Mochicas,   and   Wari, as   well   as   their   great   works   of   art,   their   feasts,   the   roots   of   their   social   strength   and the energy of their people.
Peru   is   located   in   the   western   part   of   South   America.   Its   territory borders Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia and Chile. It   is   the   third   largest   country   in   South   America   and   one   of   the   20 largest   in   the   world.   It   took   sovereignty   over   200   miles   of   marinas. It   is   part   of   the   Antarctic   Treaty   and   has   a   scientific   station   called Machu Picchu in this continent. Peru   is   a   megadiverse   country,   has   11   ecoregions   and   84   living areas   of   the   117   that   exist   in   the   world.   It   has   an   enormous multiplicity   of   landscapes   due   to   its   geographical   conditions,   which in   turn   gives   it   a   great   diversity   of   natural   resources.   In   its   territory can    be    identified    three    great    regions,    which    has    been    the traditional   way   of   dividing   it   according   to   its   altitudes:   Coast,   Sierra and Selva.
Peruvian geography diverse, ancient and natural:
Geography and climate:
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Peru, the richest country in the world
Experience   Peru   and   discover   a   wealth   of   different   worlds,   all   with   their   own   individual   landscapes,   sounds,   colors   and   tastes;   travel   back   in   time to   ancient   civilizations   and   share   the   great   cultural   heritage   of   the   Peruvian   people.   Many   destinations   and   experiences   such   as   Peru’s   coast   and mountains can only be explained by seeing them in the flesh. The beating heart of its roots and destinations. Caral,   the   first   civilization   in   the   Americas;   pre-hispanic   cultures;   the   Inca   Empire;   the   fusion   between   the   Inca   and   hispanic   worlds;   Peru   and   its Western, East Asian and African influences; deserts, mountains, forests, the Amazon and the sea; flora, fauna and a wide variety of cultural expressions. Peru is all of this.
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